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MajuPhal (OakGall Powder / Quercus infectoria)



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    Product Description

    100% Pure Oak Gall Powder Quercus infectoria No Additives No Chemicals No Preservatives No Starch, Corn, Yeast or Gluten Not tested on Animals Cruelty free Processed in a GMP Certified & FDA Registered Processing Facility. Oak Gall is a strong binder and may women post delivery to retain the youthful body. Oak Gall gargles may help in preventing bad breath and its astringent properties may be useful in bleeing gums. Oak Gall is an important ingredient in Herbal Toothpastes.

    Botanically, Manjakani (also called Majuphal) is Quercus Infectoria. It is also known with names like GALL TREE, GALL OAK, MASIKAI, MAGIC NUT and ALEPPO OAK. In ayurvedic medicine, it is very important medicinal plant, which is useful for its astringent action. It helps in diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, uterine prolapse, rectal prolapse, irritable bowel syndrome, and for tightening the loose or sagging tissues.

    Instructions to use Oak Gall for Gargle Take 2 Teaspoons of Oak Gall Powder and boil it in 2 glasses of water (around 500ml). Boil until the water is reduced to half (around 250ml) Cool and then strain with a fine cloth. Add 100ml cold water to this Oak Gall Tea water and mix. Gargle this solution. Repeat once a day, for a few weeks.

    Storage Instructions: Store in a dry place away from dampness or sunlight. Keep away from children.

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