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Bakuchi Powder (Psoralea corylifolia)



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    Product Description

    Leukoderma, skin rashes, infections, and even vitiligo can be treated with the help of bakuchi powder benefits. Vitiligo is a condition in which melanin, the skin coloring pigment is destroyed. Because of this, your skin will lose its color at some spots. These spots appear to be growing in size, which makes it embarrassing for the patient. For now, there is no potent solution for this skin problem. However, patients who tried bakuchi powder for skin along with a few other ayurvedic medicines are living a much better life. The bakuchi powder benefits are not confined to just skin. Yes, it is famous for its action on chronic skin problems, but your entire body can gain something from this amazing herbal powder. For instance, the herbal powder has a great role to play in improving female fertility and balancing hormonal issues because it is proven to be estrogenic. There are studies claiming that bakuchi also has strong antitumor abilities. Hence bakuchi powder benefits human body by controlling any undesirable growth that can be harmful. In this time when so many people die of cancer, it is a great health benefit, right? It is good at controlling aging because of the natural anti-oxidant properties present in every part of the herb. The antimicrobial action of bakuchi makes it excellent to fight against infections caused by foreign microbes. Because it can be used externally as well as internally, you can deal with the infection in both the ways. Bakuchi powder for skin is quite famous, but only expert ayurvedic doctors would tell you that the herbal powder also acts as a natural antidepressant. The anti-inflammatory activities make the herbal mix a natural and safe pain killer. Bakuchi powder benefits in bone related problems with its recently discovered osteoblastic action. It has been indicated in several research evidences that the herb is also hepatoprotective in nature. This clearly means that your liver is also going to receive something good from it. If you h

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