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Ayush Kwath Tablet (Immunity Booster)



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    Product Description

    Alka Ayush Kwath (Kadha) a natural immunity booster. Recommended by Experts Doctors of AYUSH.
    🛡️ Increases Immunity
    🛡️ Helps in Cough & Cold
    🛡️ Unique Blend of Highest Quality Herbs
    🛡️ Plant Sourced Herbs


    Powerful Ingredients : Tulsi, Dalchini, Sonth, Krishna Marich - wellknown to boost immunity against Flu, Viral Infections etc. Herbal Remedy helps in relieving cough, cold and respiratory problems. Suitable for Adults, Kids, Aged, Men & Women. Helpful in Strong Immunity, Improve Digestion, Enhance Metabolic Rate and thus Loosing Weight. Take 1-2 Tablet twice in a day . No Side effects of prolonged usage, so continue using for a long period to stay strong and stay safe against virus infections.

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