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Maharasnadi Ghan Vati



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    Product Description

     Maharasnadi Ghan Vati is the modified dosage and has a broad-spectrum of anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties, it checks degeneration of bones and joints. Maharasnadi Kwath Tablet is also beneficial in musculoskeletal and nerve related disorders and helps improve male female fertility.


    •  Rasna
    •  Dhamaso
    • Bala (Khareti)
    • Aran Mool
    •  Devdar
    •  Kachur
    • Vach
    • Vasa
    • Saunth
    • Harde
    • Chavak
    • Nagarmotha
    • Punnarva
    •  Galo
    • Vardharo
    •  Sava
    •  Gokharu
    •  Aswagandha
    • Ativish
    • Amalvetas
    • Shatavari 
    • Piper
    • Bansa
    • Dhana
    • Ubhi Bhoringani
    • Bethi Bhoringani


    Parkinson's disease,Hemiplegia,Paraplegia,Neck pain,Low back pain

    Osteoarthritis,Knee pain,Hip pain

    Directions For Use:

    Please Consult  Directed By the Physician Or Ayurvedic Doctor..

    Safety Information:

    Read the label carefully before use

    Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

    Keep out of reach of the children

    Do not exceed the recommended dosage

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