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    Product Description

    Pack of 30 Tablet

    MX PLUS TABLET is for those men who face trouble & Helpful in maintaining an erection for a longer time. It helps to delay the premature ejaculation for prolonged erection and long lasting Perfomance.

    an ayurvedic formulation which serves as an energy-boosting Tablet for humans. It is a herbal formulation that helps energize the human body. Unani preparation Help  that gives the strength to male organ and decrease hypersensitivity of the male organ. It enhances energy, stamina and makes the body organs and muscles strong. activates the chief organs of the body and corrects Energy disorders like premature ejaculation, involuntary discharge of semen, functional impotence, depressed libido, unsatisfactory erection and related disorders. Replenishes the vital forces, enhances energy and stamina and makes the body organs and muscles strong.

    May be helpful in increasing sperm count and treating energy weakness

    Might help enhance potency in men

    Useful in increasing vigour and vitality

    Key Ingredients:

        Safed Musali        










        Khurasani ajamo        

        Swarnamakshik Bhasma        


    Key Benefits:

    May help in increasing the sensitivity to bring the lasting pleasure with delayed ejaculation

    Help the penis to stay erect for a little longer

    Directions For Use:
    Use as directed by the physician.

    Or takes 1 Pill 2 hours before intended intercourse on an empty stomach or after complete digestion of food with 250 ml warm milk  No food should be given between taking the Pill till after intercourse. Those suffering from permanent lack of vitality should be given half a Pill daily, at bedtime, with warm milk.

    Safety Information:

    Read the label carefully before use

    Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

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