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Abhrakh Bhasma



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    Product Description

    Abhrak Bhasma is calcined mica ash used in Ayurveda for respiratory disorders, liver & abdominal diseases, mental diseases and psychosomatic disorders. Abhrak Bhasma is prepared through the process of calcination and by using mica as a main ingredient and plant sap, juices, and decoctions. The calcination process is called PUTA in Ayurveda. The number of PUTA decides the quality of Abhrak Bhasma. Generally, it varies from 7 PUTA Abhrak Bhasma to 1000 PUTA Abhrak Bhasma. 1000 PUTA Abhrak Bhasma means that the preparation process involves 1000 times repeated calcination of raw Abhrak/mica after mixing it plant juices and the drying in sunlight. The actual process for preparing PUTA Abhrak Bhasma may take a year or more
    .Abhrak Bhasma Ingredients

    Purified Abhrak or mica is the main ingredient of Abhrak Bhasma. Plant juices, liquid extracts, and decoctions are used during the preparation of Abhrak bhasma

    Abhrak Bhasma dosage should not exceed from 750 mg per day in adults and 250 mg per day in children under age 10.

    Dosage in children Age 0 to 1 year: 15 mg to 30 mg twice a day

    Age group 1 to 10 year: 30 mg to 125 mg twice a day

    Dosage in Adults 125 mg to 250 mg twice a day or thrice a day

    Note. use only with your physician guidance.(strongly recommend)

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